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Specialised HR Support for UK Small Businesses

Are you a small business in the UK seeking targeted HR solutions to enhance your operational efficiency? Our specialised HR support services at Alatar Small Business cater to the unique needs of small businesses, offering key solutions without the need for a comprehensive HR department.

Our HR Services Include:

Employee Relations Guidance and meeting support:

Foster a positive workplace culture with our employee relations guidance. Addressing common HR issues, we offer advice on conflict resolution and effective communication.
We can hold disciplinary, appeal and greivance hearings in person or over video call to deliver an independent and impartial outcome.
We offer a range of tailored options dependent on your needs and the individual case - this could be the provision of invitation or outcome letters, process guidance or full case management.

Compliance Assistance:

Navigate the complexities of UK employment regulations with our compliance assistance serivces. Stay updated on the latest legal requirements without the need for an extensive HR team reduce HR risk in your business.

Policy Development:

Ensure a structured work environment with our policy development services. We help create essential HR policies tailored to your business and industry, giving you peace of mind that both you and your team understand how your business operates.

Non-Executive and Part & Time Director and Recruitment Support:

A great leader can transform your business, but finding the right one is never easy. If you feel that an independent operations or finance director on a part time, consultanct or full time basis would benefit your business, we can help you find, recruit and retain that key expertise.
We will create job listings, screen candidates, and facilitate in the early stages of the hiring proces

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